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Gabby v1.0.0.98 released

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Gabby v1.0.0.98 has just been released. This version replaces the original 1.0 release. A quick overview of what's included:

  • Added: "minimize to tray" and "start minimized" options
  • Added: basic iTunes integration
  • Added: fairly stable audio transcoding engine (new audio formats/codecs: aaif, flac, wav, ogg/vorbis, etc.)
  • Added: fairly stable video transcoding engine (new video formats/codecs: avi, mkv, ogg/theora, etc)
  • Added: better status logging; status logs copy/paste
  • Added: advanced settings for audio/video transcoding engines
  • Improved: channel layout
  • Improved: library indexing performance

With this release, we will now (for the most part) be focusing our energy on updating/refining the usability of the Roku channel itself. We will continue to add/update the client software with new features, but one of our biggest concerns is channel usability. We want to improve the video playback experience as well as improve our media browsing experience -- especially for those users with large media libraries. If you have any issues, please report them in the forum. As always, feedback is welcome.